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Thursday, July 26, 2012 @ 08:07 PM
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Dangerous Radon Found in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Water

Radon in water in Pennsylvania
Waterborne radon could be a major health risk for many Pennsylvania residents. If you are located in the Bethlehem, PA area, you should have your water tested for radon — especially if your home is supplied by a private well. Underground water sources can become contaminated due to radon pockets within the soil or neighboring bedrock, particularly granite.

Radon is created by naturally occurring uranium as it gradually breaks down over long periods of time. It may seep through cracks in surrounding bedrock or soil and then dissolve into underground water supplies, contaminating them for anyone using them as a water source. This becomes a serious danger for individuals who use this water to wash dishes, do laundry, bathe, shower or do anything else.

What Makes Radon in Water So Dangerous

Waterborne radon is a danger to every person exposed to it. Radon atoms are radiated, meaning that they give off radiation — something that can be very harmful to both humans and pets. Radon is well known for causing cancer. It has been particularly tied to lung and gastrointestinal cancer; it is most commonly associated with cases of lung cancer in individuals who have never smoked or been around a significant amount of second hand smoke. It also drastically increases the lung cancer risk for individuals who do smoke tobacco in cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other forms. Thousands of cases of radon-caused cancer are diagnosed every single year.

Other health risks from radon exposure can include fatigue, headaches and nausea. Keep in mind that every time you or someone else uses water exposed to radon, your risk for developing resulting health conditions increases further — both due to the radon actually being released from the radon in water into the air. Regularly testing, therefore, is essential to ensure that your home is not contaminated with waterborne radon.

Testing for Waterborne Radon in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Having your home tested for waterborne radon is a fairly simple process. You will simply need to contact a local radon mitigation expert from SWAT Environmental to perform your radon in water test. The inspector will then be sent to your home to collect a water sample and analyze its radon content. If significant amounts of radon are found in your water, especially if they are above the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended safe levels, you will then need to have a waterborne radon mitigation system installed in your house to eliminate the threat. SWAT Environmental’s radon mitigation experts can do this for you as well.

Remembering the Possibility of Radon in Water

Keep in mind that finding radon in water can be very unpredictable. Just because your neighbor next door tested for radon in his or her water and came back clean does not mean that your home is free from it as well. Do not take any chances. Have your home tested for radon and stay safe.