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Radon And Real Estate In Bethlehem Pennsylvania

The area in and around Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of in-house radon levels in the state. Surveys of radon tests have shown that the average radon concentration in houses in Lehigh and Northampton Counties is more than ten times the national average and three times what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers to be an “action level.” This means that, if a house shows a level of 4 picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L), the unit of measure for radon, the EPA strongly urges that a radon mitigation system be installed to lower the level. In the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area, at least 58% of the houses test at EPA’s “action level.”

Radon Kills 21,000 A Year

Radon Bethlehem Pennsylvania Real EstateRadon is an extremely toxic radioactive gas. Its effect on human health is so severe that the EPA lists it as a Class A carcinogen, on par with such materials as benzene, asbestos and arsenic. The Surgeon General has determined that radon is the second-highest cause of lung cancer and is responsible for 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States each year. A study by the Harvard University School of Public Health describes radon as the “no. 1 in-house toxin” in the country. While not everyone who breathes radon will develop lung cancer, it is a hazard that should be avoided.

A by-product of naturally occurring uranium deposits in the soil and rock formations, radon is released as the uranium undergoes atomic decay. Radon enters houses through small cracks and other openings in the foundation, such as wiring, plumbing and duct work spaces. It is a misconception that radon can only enter houses which have a crawlspace or basement; houses built on solid concrete slabs can have high levels of radon. New houses are also just as likely to have high levels of radon as older houses. Methods such as caulking cracks or sealing foundations are not an effective way of blocking radon from entering a house.

There is No Way to Tell if You Have Radon in Your Bethlehem Pennsylvania Home Until it is Tested

Radon is odorless and colorless, so its presence cannot be observed by normal senses. It is also not possible to predict the level of radon in your house based on the test results of a neighbor; radon rates can vary widely, even from house to house. The only way to determine the level of radon in your house is to have it tested. We can provide fact and accurate testing, which will give you important information for further action. If the result of this test shows that your house does have high concentrations of radon, you do not have to be alarmed. We are able to help by designing and installing a radon mitigation system in your house to lower the concentration.

Testing and, when necessary, mitigation not only safeguards the health of your family, it also preserves the value of your house. Having a radon test is a positive selling point if you place your house on the real estate market.