Residential Radon Mitigation – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Residential Radon Mitigation in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Residential Radon Mitigation BethlehemLiving in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with radon in your home? Residential radon mitigation is the answer, but you don’t want just any contractor claiming he can do residential radon mitigation services. You need the assurance that your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania home will be correctly mitigated by a trained, qualified radon mitigation specialist. Our company can do just that in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Radon contamination in a home is a serious issue. If you live in Pennsylvania you may be at risk. Although radon is present in the soil throughout the U.S., the northeastern states have a higher concentration. Because radon is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas, you wouldn’t know whether you are being exposed to this radioactive element without testing. Residential radon mitigation is the best course of action to keep your family protected from this threat, strongly suspected by the EPA to be a carcinogen.

How Does Radon Enter a Home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

Radon enters a home in several ways. The most common demand for a residential radon mitigation contractor is due to cracks or holes in the home’s foundation when radon is in the soil. The entry points are not the only issue. An imbalance of air pressure between indoors and outdoors causes the home to act as a vacuum, sucking up the radon gas through existing cracks, and then trapping the radon gas in the home. If radon is found in the soil of a home, radon mitigation involves several different methods to correct the problem, including equalizing the pressure between indoors and out, thereby breaking the vacuum and making the air safe to live in once more.

A second way radon enters a home, and requires mitigation, is through the water. Residents in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, if using well water, should have their water tested for radon right away. Not all well water in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is contaminated, but if its underground source touches a pocket of radon, that radon is entering the home and dispersing into the air. Radon exposure through water then occurs every time the members of your family take a shower, brush teeth, wash hands, and so forth. Radon mitigation for water requires a qualified radon mitigation contractor with the correct training and equipment. Our company provides all of these services, making your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania home safe in any aspect that radon could enter it.

Our radon mitigation specialists are trained and licensed to work in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and you can be assured they will provide superior quality to the average general contractor. Protect your family and the value of your home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by contracting our services for testing, radon mitigation, and retesting to prove our residential radon mitigation services were effective.