Radon Action Month for Bethlehem, PA

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 08:01 PM
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Bethlehem, PA Gets Ready for Radon Action Month

Radon Action Month Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaIf you live in Bethlehem, PA then you probably remember radon action month last January. If you do not remember, radon action month was a month in which citizens of Bethlehem took action against radon gas, and protected their homes. In addition to protection through testing and mitigation systems, Bethlehem residents also advocated to others the dangers of radon gas. If you do not want to have your home negatively affected by this horrible gas, then you need to contact S.W.A.T. Environmental this radon action month.

If you are not familiar with radon gas, radon kills over 20,000 each year. New studies have proven that radon gas is actually the cause for 15% of all lung cancer cases. This means that even if you have never picked up a cigarette, you may be diagnosed with lung cancer simply because of the radon in your home. Do not let this happen to you. Take action in your Bethlehem home this radon action month.

Ways to Take Action in Radon Action Month in Bethlehem

If you are serious about your health and the health of your family, then you need to start radon action month of with testing your Bethlehem home for radon gas. This gas is both colorless and odorless, so the only way you will be able to tell if it is present is through conducting a test. Once your Bethlehem home is tested, you will be able to take the necessary action. If your Bethlehem has safe levels of radon gas, then you will not have to install a mitigation system right away, and will only have to schedule an appointment within a year to get updated levels of your radon levels. If your home has high levels of radon gas, then you need to contact a professional about mitigation.

If your home has already been tested, and has a mitigation system installed, then you can be a tremendous help to your neighbors and loved ones this month by advocating the dangers of radon gas. If your Bethlehem home has or had high levels of radon gas, then there could be an increased likelihood that your neighbors home has increased levels as well. Be an advocate and let them know about the 20,000 deaths each year because of radon gas.

If your Bethlehem home has high levels of radon gas, and you have not installed a mitigation system, you need to call S.W.A.T. Environmental to have a professional install an air purification system that can reduce your levels by as much as 99%. Do not put off an air purification system any longer this radon action month. We always offer a free quote meaning that you have nothing to lose. A professional can answer any questions you may have. Contact S.W.A.T. Environmental today for a free quote, and take action this radon action month.

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