Bethlehem Air Quality

Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 07:10 PM
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Bethlehem Air Quality Observed by EPA

Bethlehem Indoor Air QualityThe air quality of Bethlehem, PA is the discussion of many conversations lately. This city in Pennsylvania may have an underlying problem that needs addressing. The EPA has began monitoring the air quality in cities throughout the United States to ensure the health of all citizens. Taking a closer look at Bethlehem, your home may need special treatment in order to reduce the amount of pollutants.

With October being air quality awareness month, now is the perfect time to call in a professional for reducing the number of pollutants in your Bethlehem home. If you are weary of whether or not your Bethlehem home really needs mitigation, please take into consideration some quick facts about the air quality.

Each year over 2 million people die because of poor indoor air quality. This statistic alone should send chills down your spine. Bethlehem residents may not only suffer death, but tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, asthma, increased likelihood of illness, and a multitude of other health risks involved with poor air quality. Children may be at a higher risk because their lungs are still developing. People who spend a great amount of time outdoors, or those of us who have preexisting lung conditions may also be at a greater risk.

Air Quality Index, Radon, and Other Gases in Bethlehem

Radon gas is another facet of health concerns for Bethlehem citizens. As you may already know, killing in excess of 20,000 people each year, radon gas is no laughing matter. Bethlehem homes may be infested with this gas at somewhat of a random selection. Radon gas forms in the soil beneath your Bethlehem home, and there is not telling whether or not your home has high levels of radon gas without a test. Even if the soil beneath your home does not contain radon, there several other ways this deadly gas may enter your home.

The EPA has created the Air Quality Index, or AQI to help inform us of the overall air quality in Bethlehem. Now I must warn you that the AQI does not include radon gas into its algorithm. This is important to note, as even though Bethlehem may have a lower AQI on a given day, if radon is in your home, your health is at serious risk because of your poor indoor air quality.

The AQI ranges in score from 0 to 500. 0-50 indicates a safe level of pollutants in a given area. Although much of the United States has a safe level, these levels may increase into more dangerous levels on the scale, posing potential health risks for residents of the given city. As this report is being written, several states are experience above acceptable limits. Take action during air quality awareness month, and have a professional install an air purification system on your Bethlehem home. Protect your safety, and make the smart choice. Choose the nation’s leading radon mitigation company to reduce the pollutants and deadly gases in your Bethlehem home.

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