Air Purification Systems – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

UV Air Purification Systems in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Air Purification Bethlehem PennsylvaniaIn your home or office in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it would be nice to think that the air you breathe is clean, right? It’s actually cleaner if you stepped outside, even in the middle of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – it’s estimated that indoor air has 1,000 more pollutants than outdoor air. Choking up yet? Maybe it’s time to try something new.

In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, most heating and cooling systems work by treating the air in the home through recirculating it over and over again. This allows pollutants to become trapped, breed, and multiply. Some filtration systems capture or kill some of these airborne pollutants, but there is a system that is far superior than filter or even ionization. Your home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania can have the cleanest air possible.

Clean Your Air Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

With an ultraviolet (UV) air purification system, you can have the same technology used in hospitals to purify the air from a host of airborne contaminants. A UV air purification system is 99.9% effective against:

  • germs
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • allergens
  • mold spores
  • other microorganisms

A UV air purification system in your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania home is 85% more effective than a HEPA filter, and 93% more effective than ionization at purifying the air you breathe. That’s quite a large difference.

With a UV air purification system, odors are also treated. No more toxic cans of spray. Even volatile organic compounds (VOCs), found in building supplies like ordinary indoor paint, are treated when these pollutants pass through a UV air purification system.

A UV air purification system is installed on the HVAC system you already own. Every time air passes through the system, pollutants are zapped and restricted from making your family ill. Feel better. Breathe fresher air. Call S.W.A.T Environmental today for an air purification quote for your home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.