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Friday, March 30, 2012 @ 08:03 PM
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Radon Gas: Fix Pennsylvania’s Silent Threat with Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation BethlehemRadon is a naturally occurring gas that is created during the decomposition of uranium. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer among human beings after cigarette smoking. Radon gas is invisible and has no scent, so detection by humans is impossible without specialized testing equipment. Home kits are available that can give you a rough idea of your home’s radon levels; for a much more accurate and quick result, however, you should rely on the radon mitigation experts from SWAT Environmental.

One of the prime sources of radon is simply rock. This includes phosphate rock, igneous rock, and other more common rocks such as granite, limestone and shale rock beds. In fact, the uranium that produces radon is quite common in ledge; therefore, radon can even be found in surface soil. This is the case in most regions of the country, including in Bethlehem. The variety of rocks that can generate radon gas means that many homes do in fact contain levels that could be considered hazardous. In the open air, radon is diffused and poses little risk. However, in a more confined area, radon gas can be extremely dangerous.

SWAT Environmental Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation PA

Radon can become a problem in both old and new homes. Fortunately, radon gas can be reduced to safe levels in any home through a process known as radon mitigation. Usually, once harmful radon levels have been detected, a radon professional will help the homeowner or building supervisor devise a proper mitigation system. This usually consists of sealing all entry points through which the radon gas could get into the structure, and building some form of customized ventilation system that gets rid of the trapped radon, replacing it with healthy air. SWAT Environmental’s professionals can determine the exact techniques necessary to keep your home safe.

Although you should periodically have your home’s radon levels tested simply as a precaution, this test is particularly important before buying or selling a home. An overall inspection process is designed to ensure that the home is safe to purchase; this can include a termite inspection, a general inspection, a water test and now a radon test as well. The American Cancer Society has begun to increase Americans’ awareness of the health impact of radon gas exposure. For that reason, people building a new home or commercial structure are encouraged to understand the potential risk posed for their particular property from radon gas. Radon mitigation systems that are built in during the construction phase are more convenient than those that must be added after construction. That being said, the post-construction radon mitigation systems available today have proven to be extremely successful at preventing the threat. If your home’s radon test does determine that your house contains too much radon gas, you should not hesitate to have SWAT Environmental begin the radon mitigation procedure. Your health, and perhaps even your life, could be at stake. Call us today for a radon mitigation quote.